About Artist

Bernadine Designs is a jewelry company owned and operated by Bernadine Wang in Burlingame, California just 15 miles south of San Francisco. A native of Taiwan, Bernadine credits her love and appreciation for art to her mother, a skilled and talented fashion designer who was always on the forefront of fashion trends.

Bernadine draws much of her inspiration from architectural and scenic beauty she finds around the world and captures through photography. She then takes the images and creates stunning, evocative jewelry reflective of the mood, setting and intricate lines in the photograph.

After the initial idea is formed, Bernadine uses a state-of-the-art design program on her computer to design the lines and layout of the piece. A test mold is created and the piece then goes through an editing process until the weight, size and overall quality is perfected. The materials and specifications are arranged and the piece is manufactured in Hong Kong, which allows for the best price, quality and overall value for customers. Bernadine is committed to offering beautiful, unique, quality jewelry on the cutting edge of design trends. She has the rare ability to transform the memories, dreams and desires of her customers into wearable works of art.